A Fruit Inspection

Written by The Patriot Pastor Garrett Lear

A Fruit Inspection

Some five or so years ago, I preached and taught a sermon entitled “If a baby is not safe in his or her mother’s womb, then no one is safe any where”. Although I have been completely pro-life from the day I accepted CHRIST as my SAVIOUR and very often spoke/stood against abortion even calling it murder of innocent babies, I knew that this particular message had prophetic implications.

Here we are in our “Good Friday” observances and America is focused on another struggle over the sanctity, sacredness and preciousness of life. After a lifetime of studying the original intent of our Founding Fathers, I can not dismiss what I know for sure, they would be shocked to know what our Nation – our Republic has become.

Several passages of Scripture come to mind here. Matthew 7:16 instructs us to know people (yes and nations too) by their fruit (works). A number of Holy Bible verses, such as in The Book of Psalms Chapters 15:5; 94:21; 106:38; tell us that THE LORD defends the innocent, the helpless and those whose cause is righteous. HE will judge all those who shed innocent blood!

If you have not yet guessed it, I am at present talking about what is happening in our third most populous state, Florida concerning Terri Shiavo. The implications in this matter are literally, well, huge! Those who are elderly, those who are disabled, those who are politically incorrect and those that love these people need to pay close attention here.

Now, I have read many commentaries about this. Believe it or not my research on any matter is not unilateral. In other words, I do consult many sources and read widely the various opinions and sort through the ‘evidence’. Of course, the opinion and perspective I cherish most is that of THE FATHER. I do confess to not always know what that is though that is why I study so diligently. Prudence is in order.

What does THE GOD OF THE BIBLE think about what is happening to Terri and why is this getting national/international coverage? I believe I know, yet I challenge you to do your homework!

America is at a dangerous crossroads. Thomas Jefferson (and other of our Founders) warned against an overreaching, overacting judiciary. The black robed ones who compose the judiciary were to be watched by the other branches of government that they would not become a nobility, an oligarchy or tyrannical. They were to be carefully watched to not be political but to be Constitutional, never to seize power by judicial fiat, never to make law or amendment from the bench.

Make your own ‘fruit inspection’. The judiciary in America, on all levels, is seizing control. I am not saying all judges but too many are. Is it not treason and a violation of their Constitutional Oath to claim that we in America must adjudicate by International Law?

The President, the Congress, the Governor of a sovereign state, that state’s legislature, they are all saying we must let the courts handle these things. A court order can never be disobeyed. Oh, really? They have been handling things not to be in their purview and look what they have done to our beloved country. We are looking more like the despotic, ungodly countries of the past and present which we have fought to be free of.

I am a law abiding and respectful citizen but I know there is only one true and reliable JUDGE – THE LORD HIMSELF (that is why we have various jurisdictions, authorities, appeals etc.)! There are court orders that a true believer in CHRIST and our Constitutional Republic can not obey! Where is the courage of our elected representatives to stand up as ‘lesser civil magistrates’ (in some situations) to ‘higher civil magistrates’?

Though some wrong minded judges may try, CHRIST can not and should not be ruled out of America!  HE founded this country. It is a ‘GOD- incident’ that all these things should be so prominent at this time of year when we celebrate JESUS’ Resurrection ( I pray for holy lives not just ‘Holy Weeks’). JESUS is alive and HE is the righteous judge.

I will have no other KING but KING JESUS! LORD, have mercy on America.

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