Someone has Stolen My Country and I Want Her Back

Written by The Patriot Pastor Garrett Lear

Someone has Stolen My Country and I Want Her Back!

It must go with out needing to be said,( but I will say it anyway) that I love the original intent of America. I do not love America more than I love my Savior (who is The Only Savior) JESUS CHRIST. I do not love America more than I love my wife and my family. I believe that is the proper order of priority so that all will know that I am no idolater, statist, or nationalist. I am a patriotic American New Testament Christian.

I have had the blessing in my nearly six decades of living to have traveled extensively through out these United States of America – North, South, East and West – literally “From Sea to Shining Sea”. I have been a resident of some eight different states. I have seen the cities, the suburbs and the rural countryside. I have been swimming in The Atlantic and The Pacific Oceans, I have climbed numerous mountains negotiated and navigated valleys and rivers. There is very little about America that I have not heard, seen, smelled and tasted. I have driven by car, moved by boat, bicycle, motorcycle, horse and shanks’ mare (old-fashioned for walking). It has taken thousands of years for mankind to be ready to do without worldly kings, tyrants, despots, and the like. It has taken millenniums for there to be an American Republic. I am eminently qualified to say the following: America is beautiful; America has been blessed BUT America is in trouble. America is soul sick and has lost her way!

I was born in “The Cradle of American Liberty” (Lexington – The Lexington – Massachusetts that is, see if you can spell that state from memory as I did at Fiske Elementary). I walked by The Minuteman (a likeness of Captain (Deacon) John Parker). I thought, “what a fine figure of a man he is/was.”

My mother, who also was born in and grew up in Lexington, told me stories about who our ancestors were. I took it all in with out really paying too much attention to the relevance of her stories. My heritage was so varied, perhaps like many native Americans (not Indians but those others born here). I had ancestors that came from Italy, England, and Nova Scotia in the 19th Century. I had ancestors that came from Flanders in the early 20th century. I can say that all of them were patriotic Americans. Those who did not speak English (American) as their first language learned it and it became their first language. They all prospered many becoming decorated war veteran’s as my dad was.

I served my native land in The Army though I was discharged because of injury before I ever made it to combat.

When I began to preach that is to say serve THE LORD in ministry, I found myself teaching on the Christian Heritage of America. I would correlate Bible truth with our Founding Fathers and our organic foundational documents (such as The Mayflower Compact, The New England Confederation and The Declaration of Independence (just to name a few). As my studies intensified, as my library grew, as my understanding deepened (I credit The HOLY SPIRIT for that), it became obvious that I was not called to be a foreign missionary. My calling and my manifest destiny is right here at home.

I was a guest on a radio broadcast years ago and I was sharing fascinating true stories from America’s Christian history, the show’s host proclaimed: “You are The Patriot Pastor”. That appellate stuck to me like glue and fit like a custom made shoe!

I had been studying about the involvement of Christians in the struggle for freedom in the 18th century colonial America. I especially was enthralled by the leadership of those that King George III called “The Black (Robed) Regiment”. The Patriot Pastors of the day. I got their sermons and read them. I especially have a fondness for Pastor Jonas Clark of Lexington. He preached to the Minutemen on the village green, at daybreak before The Battle of Lexington April 19, 1775 AD. He preached to men (they were familiar with his preaching for they and their Captain John Parker were members of his church) from Judges 6 & 7. What a shock that is for most Christians today.

Well, I am a Patriot Pastor as they were. I am reorganizing, reconstituting, reinvigorating and recalling The Black (Robed) Regiment for today. We are leading the modern day Minutemen United. They are so much needed. The spiritual “battle cry”, “We will have no other king but KING JESUS!” That is not political. That is Bible (see Isaiah 33:22: Mt. 28:19; Acts 5:29; Rev.11:15;17:14.KJV)

Incidentally, there are only two English translations of The Bible which were used by our Founding Fathers – The Geneva and King James Versions of The Bible. The understanding that they brought in to civil government came from Scripture.

America is in a life threatening battle for survival. Much of what is Christian has been lost but also much of what truly is America has been lost. That is a sad and great loss. Is it too late? Only CHRIST, our Commander and Chief knows for sure, HE has told me not to give up (Gal.6:9).

Now, why do I say someone has stolen my country and I want her back! At first, when I began to utter this phrase, in public and often, I thought it must simply be THE HOLY SPIRIT stating through me what has happened to America with the liberal, leftist, globalist, communist, socialist, fascist, new age, atheist, anarchist, baby killer, pornographic, sex confused, drug demented, covenant breaking, robber (I probably have left some out) agenda. I sensed it was more even than that. It was when I remembered what my mother has said to me as a child about our heritage that I knew I was representing more than myself. Through an extraordinary turn of events, I have been able to trace a branch of my direct ancestry back to The Mayflower. My family has been in Massachusetts for nearly four centuries praying, worshiping, giving, living, dying, working, serving, fighting, paying for a very long time investing in America. I had ancestors who fought in The War for Independence one was even at The Battle of Lexington!

So, when I say someone has stolen my country and I want her back!, I am not speaking for only myself. I am the posterity they fought for. We have enjoyed the blessings that CHRIST has given us and our forefathers (remember the Hymn Faith of Our Fathers?) Will you sit idly by and watch this theft by deception continue or will you say enough is enough: Give my country back now for I will have no other king but KING JESUS! amen.

P.S. Before you send me nasty and threatening mail calling me a whatever phobe, intolerant elitist judgmental religious zealot hate-monger. I will tolerate what THE KING of KINGS tolerates, I will love you enough to tell you the truth and then pray that you will be made free (John 8:32)

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