Opening Remarks in Pittsfield, NH 8/29/2014 AD

Written by The Patriot Pastor Garrett Lear

Hello Pittsfield & NH Welcome to Dustin Park!

Let’s give THE LORD a clap offering of thanks

Why are we here?

Call out to JESUS

Cry out to JESUS

HE is here and HE hears

Though others have hurt and failed you…

Though you have hurt others and failed them…

JESUS never hurts, JESUS helps

JESUS never fails, JESUS heals

HE saves the lost who come to HIM

HE fixes what is broken

Romans 3:23 & 6:23

I trust & follow JESUS,

Many here tonight already trust & follow JESUS

You can make the decision right here, right now to trust & follow JESUS

All through this evening together here in Dustin Park

You will hear from many folks, just like you, how to trust & follow JESUS and why you can & should

In the meanwhile let’s enjoy each other and all we have here including a very special time for the kids we will be announcing soon.


Feel free to visit the tables/booths around the park you will find a welcome there too.

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