Written by The Patriot Pastor Garrett Lear


What is the number one problem that all men must face? I believe it is the decision of who will rule them. Make no mistakes about it, all men will be ruled, governed, controlled, directed, persuaded, pushed, pulled etc. by someone or something. Long ago, I made my choice that I will have no other KING but KING JESUS! That is not a statement of rebellion. It is a declaration of obedience (read Acts 5:29)obedience to the only ONE worthy of it and trustworthy with it.

We read in Matthew 6:24 that there are only two masters: GOD and mammon (worldliness, sin, evil, satan, etc.). There are only two choices. A man can not serve two masters, so why try to?

It would appear that many folks are trying to ‘straddle the fence’ between serving JESUS CHRIST fully and playing safe by ‘not making waves’ and going with the flow. I believe what JESUS says in Revelation about the lukewarm Laodicean church: “I will spue (vomit) you out of my mouth”. I know for sure that I do not want to be vomited out of the mouth of JESUS! I know that The Holy Bible is true and JESUS CHRIST means and will do exactly what HE has said.

I have a great concern that not many Christians understand the absolute necessity of the sovereignty of JESUS CHRIST over each person of mankind (those who would be saved by HIS grace). I have an even greater concern for The Church, the only true one, which CHRIST himself builds as described in Matthew 16:18.

Let me give you a few examples of what I mean by living under the sovereignty of CHRIST: before you name your children, you pray and ask JESUS; before you train for a career, you pray and ask JESUS; before you go to the doctor, you pray and ask JESUS; before you move to a new home, you pray and ask JESUS; and the same for every significant issue concerning your life and the lives of those in your care. Remember if you have accepted JESUS as your SAVIOUR, you must also accept HIM as THE KING OF KINGS. HE bought and paid in full for you.  You never bow your knee to or agree with anyone or anything that will take first place in your life or contradict what is written in The Bible. First place in the life of a true believer in and follower of CHRIST is reserved for CHRIST only!

I believe this to be true also for churches. So why do so many give this sovereignty over to the state? Please do not say that it isn’t happening. One has only to read the many regulations imposed upon churches by various agencies in the numerous tiers of government to know that it is happening. How can this be in America with so many citizens who are Christians, with her Constitution, Bill of Rights and the original intent of The Founders?

Which came first, ALMIGHTY GOD or the state? Read Romans 13 and see that GOD has given us government (not the other way around, as some impose) with specific purposes of THE FATHERS’S choosing for the freedom of HIS creation, mankind – not tyranny, despotism or oppression.

Many Christians in too many churches are not living under the sovereignty of CHRIST! If they were, this would be a very different country and world. The incorporation of churches, the ungodly and unconstitutional regulations of certain government agencies, such as The Internal Revenue Service, have undermined the sovereignty of CHRIST over HIS Bride, The Church, and it shows in the lack of true holy boldness and Kingdom life. To be a ‘religious business’ is not Biblical, it is not American and most certainly is impeding the fullness of THE LORD in our country (JESUS went to the temple and drove the money changers off but they are back). 

The Apostles of the early New Testament Church of JESUS CHRIST (as we read about in The Book of Acts) and America’s Founders would be horrified by what has taken place concerning the church. They did not live and or die, expend blood sweat and tears for GOD’S people to return to the bondage of ‘churchianity’ in exchange for a true Biblical New Testament relationship with THE BRIDEGROOM. CHRIST wants an alive, passionate, strong and covenanted wife committed only to HIM; only then all other relationships will be as they should be.

We can take no oath, give any pledge, sign any agreement or make any covenant as individuals, as churches or as nations that violate the sovereignty of CHRIST. Some perhaps have done so ignorantly or innocently; some have ‘inherited’ bad vows; none the less, THE LORD will hold all accountable that violate what the first and second commandments teach (no other gods) which is amplified in The New Testament many places such as in John 14:6 (I am the way) or Revelation 1:8 (I am the beginning & the end). A correct and righteous relationship with KING JESUS will put all other dominions in their correct GOD assigned places.

To allow civil government (as one authority) to suppress the sovereignty of GOD is called statism (slavish, unquestioning obedience and worship of the state) and it is idolatry. Almighty GOD, the GOD of The Bible must in everything be recognized as the GREAT I AM (Exodus 3:14). Ceremonial Deism (we have so much of this in America today) is treating GOD as if HE no longer is alive and present with us. It is treating GOD as if HE is no longer involved in anything anymore and we make our own ‘rules’ follow our own instincts, whims and the traditions of men.

From the beginning of recorded time (Genesis), there have been ongoing assaults on the sovereignty of GOD. No individual, groups of individuals, nations, organizations, etc. that have tried to usurp the authority, power and majesty that rightfully belong to THE ONLY TRUE KING -¦ CHRIST, have ever survived and neither will we. Judgment will come and is here.

Oh so many have tried and failed – pharaohs, emperors, national kings, communists, fascists, atheists, humanists, pagans, religionists, industrialists ( remember the Titanic built by professionals that said ‘not even GOD could sink it!’), secularists, the list goes on. There is only ONE who can be both KING and HIGH PRIEST and HIS NAME IS JESUS CHRIST (the wise men of Matthew 2 knew that and the patriots of 1775 knew that).

It is my prayer and action that all churches world wide will purposefully and visibly come under the sovereignty of CHRIST. It is my prayer and action for the church in my native land of America that all churches would become true New Testament Churches and be free of the conflicts and the contradictions which undermine the sovereignty of CHRIST. The true Church will look to be like the early New Testament Church as in the Book of Acts staying with the Apostolic traditions and teachings moving in the empowerment of THE HOLY SPIRIT and the protection of KING JESUS.

In America, which is unlike any other nation in her founding, The Church is to be vibrantly alive and ministering freely under the protections and purposes of CHRIST and the First Amendment to the United States Constitution – not be a tax collector, business agent or a partner in any wrong doings, no matter what human agency commands it.

The attacks on the true Church will continue. All who seek power that is not to be theirs will be jealous of THE TRUE KING. The struggle for power between the many jurisdictions, authorities, principalities and responsibilities will continue. The only ‘agency’ on earth that can oppose the corruptions in civil government (and for that matter in all other influences) is the true free New Testament Church under the sovereignty of CHRIST. Many churches and many Christians have like Esau sold their birthright for comfort, ease, acceptance, payments, or to avoid conflict and responsibility. 2 Corinthians 3:17 states that, where The Spirit of THE LORD is there is liberty – where THE LORD is not, there is bondage. As Americans, we are at the place in our short national existence of the least personal freedoms that we have ever enjoyed (that is what happens when one replaces the true KING with one who is not).

As I write this piece, we are about to celebrate the birth of CHRIST, yet, it has become ‘illegal’ to do so in public in many places in America. Even so, KING JESUS, come now. So who rules you? Really?

Garrett Lear 12/04 AD

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